Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We Are Fa-mi-ly

Our vacation to Panama City Beach was great! I think I could have stayed another week. The weather was beautiful the entire time we were there. We couldn't pass up the chance to take some family pictures of everyone in our blue & khaki. A special thanks to my husband for hobbling down to the beach with his bum knee. It was a real task for him since his knee is still healing. Thanks honey. You're a trooper!

Lena,Kyle,Sam,Dana,Dad,Mom,Laci,Trent,Will,Ivy and Missy

This picture is the best one I had of all of us even though my bro. in-law's eyes are closed(sorry Sam), Laci is flashing the peace sign and Trent is looking away. I love it anyways.

Laci, Ivy and Trent outside our condo.

My family. I love this one too with the palm trees in the background. It was so hot, though.

My nephew, Kyle, Trent, Laci and Ivy.

My dad and mom.They looooove the beach!

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