Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Germ Free Halloween

Recently I sent my daughter to school with this sanitizer all prettied up for Halloween. I thought it would be a cute and useful little gift for her teacher to use in their class. I know school kids go through a lot of this stuff!

I used a bottle of Purell hand sanitizer that I pulled the front and back labels off of. It came off clean. If it hadn't, I would have used my Goo Gone to get off all the sticky stuff so I could have a clean surface. Then I just stuck on Halloween stickers I got at Hobby Lobby(you can't see some of them well, but they say GHOST,PUMPKIN,CANDY,SPOOK,SCARY,and BOO) and tied some coordinating ribbon. Simple, yet cute! Hope you have a germ free Halloween. Germs are scary!!


Leah said...

That is super cute Missy! Now I want to make a Christmas one!

Missy said...

Thanks Leah! We should get together and make some Christmas ones. I also did one with clear hand soap for the kids' bathroom.

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