Friday, April 13, 2012

New Valances

We've been making some changes in our kitchen lately and a while back I added these new valances. I wanted something a little brighter and fresher in there. I was soooo tired of my striped burgundy,yellow,blah,blah,blah ones . Just too dark.

I pinned a tutorial for these from Pinterest (where else) and got to work. Well, first, I enlisted the help of my husband. He gives me motivation for projects like this. He's very handy, too, and knows how to sew and make things. He doesn't get scared by fabric and sewing machines like I do!

The tutorial was for "no sew" valances but I.....ahemm, my husband, sewed the top of these so we could use a rod for them. For the rest of the hems, we just used "Stitch Witchery" and and iron. It's great, you just put in a piece of the stitch witchery fold the fabric over it and iron. Easy. Even for me. I'm happy with the way they turned out and love that my kitchen looks a little brighter. You can find the link for the tutorial here.

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