Monday, November 9, 2009

Flower Clips In Full Bloom

The flower clips are bloomin' at my house. I've been making some of these cute hair clips for a baby gift and thought I'd share how I make them. All the credit goes to Tammy. Thanks for teaching me how to make these! She's right. Once you start making them, they become addictive. I could have kept on making these babies, but I had to sleep!

First, you need to gather all your supplies. You will need some artificial flowers of your choice or scrapbooking flowers. I like gerbera daisies, daisies and here I also used an orchid. You also need a glue gun, alligator clips, wire cutters, coordinating ribbon and brads or embellishments for the center of the flower.

Second, use the wire cutters to clip off the flowers. Pull out the center of the flower and each layer of the flower should come apart easily. Arrange the petals how you would like them to look. It's usually best to start with the large petals and layer on smaller ones. Just like a regular flower. Be creative. You can use coordinating colors of petals. Do what you think looks good.

Changed flowers on ya. I forgot to take a pic of the orchid one coming together. So, for this one I wanted to leave it just how it would normally look. Once your petals are layered you need something to hold them together. I find it easiest to use a brad fastened on the bottom to hold them together. It could be a decorative brad or if you want to use a jewel or the flower's normal center(like I did here), just use a small brad and hot glue the embellishment over the top of the brad.

Next, I wrap the alligator clip with ribbon. This part can be a bit tricky. I used a grosgrain and while holding the clip open put hot glue on the bottom inside of the clip and put my ribbon over that. I then hot glued the bottom of the clip(the side that will attach to the flower)and wrapped the ribbon over that. Pull the ribbon up over the part of the clip that you pinch to open it(not sure what that part is called).Then put a dab of hot glue on the top of the clip and wrap the ribbon over that spot. Just be careful with this whole ribbon/clip process not to glue your clip shut. Last, hot glue your clip,ribbon side down, to the back of the flower.

You're done! Clip your flower onto a head band, directly in your hair or dress up a shirt. Great for baby girls and big girls alike. Their are lots of possibilities. Come back tomorrow and see the nylon head bands that I made. They are so easy!

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Katie said...

I love the variety of flowers you used.

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