Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Faces

It's been busy around here, so as you can tell, I haven't made time for blogging. I was so tired of looking at those pilgrim hats from Thanksgiving , though. I thought I would share some of our family pics we had taken a few months ago. (If you are my FB friend , I know you've seen these a lot. Sorry. But you know you love us) Our friend, Jennie,that we go to church with(when she is home from going to school at BYU) and of Jennie Rae Photography took these for us at Goldstar Park here in Wetumpka. You should look up Jennie Rae Photography on Facebook to see some of her work. She's awesome. Love her work. She has such a great talent for photography. Here are just some of the pics of our family. The top one made it on our Christmas card this year!

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