Monday, January 3, 2011


As you can see my little blog has been sorely neglected for about the past month. So let’s do a little rewind! We were super busy with school, activities and church. Then my husband was admitted to the hospital with an a-typical pneumonia in both lungs. A-typical?? An uncommon and really bad strain of it! He was there for 9 days and came home on the 21st of December. Thank you!!! I became all too familiar with that hospital . Much more than I wanted to be.

Before our mini “vacation” to the hospital, Laci’s dance class performed at the Montgomery Zoo’s Light Festival. Hopefully I will get those pics posted soon. She did a great job and had fun! She is a cute little dancer. Trent also earned more merit badges and earned his tenderfoot rank in scouting.Not sure what else happened in December. It’s all a blur really!

Through all of this, I’m so thankful that I had help from my friends from church and my family. If not for them, I couldn’t have been at the hospital with Will. I appreciate everyone’s prayers and the time they took out of their schedules to stay with my kids, feed them, take them to school, etc. That really kept me sane! I am so blessed to have selfless friends and family.Also, I think I learned or already knew but was reminded of a few things from this experience!(in no particular order)

1. I SO SO love my husband and it is very lonely with him in the hospital! If he’s gone for work it’s one thing, but to know he’s in the hospital is just different.

2. Life doesn’t stop for your problems and trials.

3. My kids do know when mommy needs help and they really helped me!

4. My Heavenly Father knows me ,loves me and knows the things I need and my family needs at certain times.

5. My husband likes lime sherbet! Who knew?!

6. My bed feels like a dream and here I thought it was time to get a new mattress.

7. You can eat too much Chick-fil-A! (did discover Chick-fil-A sauce and it’s delish)

8. The middle elevator on the first floor of Jackson Hospital is weird or possessed or something. Avoid it!

9. There are very good, caring and knowledgeable nurses(and some…. not so much).

10. Four (or more) unexpected things will happen in the midst of your trial. Didn’t leave car seat with babysitter for Ivy(too long of a story), oil light comes on in van because HELLO you need more oil, gas peddle in van gets stuck and you don’t know what to do, daughter loses tooth and the “tooth fairy” has no cash(borrow from babysitter, she’s a better tooth fairy any ways) And one more just because.

11.William and I need a real vacation. Not one to the hospital. It is long overdue! Even if it’s just for the weekend, maybe we can get away soon!

We ARE looking forward to 2011, but hope that it doesn’t bring any major injuries or hospital stays! If it does, we know our Heavenly Father loves us and is there! Hope all of you have a great new year!

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Renee said...

Oh, Missy--I didn't know about Will being in the hospital. This comes way late, but I'm glad that he's healthy now and that you make it through your crisis. Wish that I could have been there to help out. 9 days; that's LONG! Thank goodness for health insurance.

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