Monday, January 31, 2011

Free Flour Fun!

Saturday,Laci and I got to go to the King Arthur Flour free baking demo here in Montgomery. They made 3 stops in Alabama and Montgomery was their last one. I'm so glad a friend of mine showed me their ad in the paper. It was a fun activity for Laci and I. We came away with great baking tips, free recipes, coupons, samples and fun door prizes. I won 2 bags of K.A.F.(bread flour) and Laci won a box of their new cake flour and a box of Cranberry Orange Scone Mix. We can't wait to try that! And because they didn't want anyone to leave empty handed, everyone got a free dough scraper and a $10 gift card to use on a purchase of $20 or more for their store. Since they are located in Vermont, I guess we'll use ours online.But now I so want to go to VT to their store. We saw video of it while waiting for the demo to start and it looks awesome!

After this, I should be able to make the perfect flaky pie crust and have no problem with sweet yeast breads. We'll see! The demo guy, Frank, who works on their baker's hotline and works in their test kitchen did a great job. He was a wealth of baking info! It got me excited to come home and try out our new products. I have to say before this, I hadn't really used KAF much, but I think I will make the switch even if it is a little more expensive.

Laci and I made their
Lemon-Glazed Pound Cake yesterday and it is Ah-mazing! Now, my picture isn't so pretty because it stuck to my cake pan. It was stoneware and I guess I needed to grease it better, but don't let that fool you. The cake is light, fluffy and lemony! It's really good! Find out more about KAF free demos on their website!

Laci, with our friends Christina and Neal, that went to the demo with us. They're holding the door prizes they won. Laci has her cake flour, Christina has a Red Star oven mitt and instant read thermometer and Neal won the biggie! A King Arthur Flour cookie companion cook book! I have to say I was jealous of him! I wanted that cook book! Maybe he will let me borrow it.
Come back tomorrow and I will share some baking tips I learned!

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Allison@KingArthurFlour said...

So glad you enjoyed the demo! Have you made some delicious pie yet? :-) Thanks for coming - and for sharing!

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