Tuesday, January 18, 2011

German Chocolate Cake Balls

Yes. I know Christmas is over. No. I don't care! I'm showing you these German Chocolate Cake Balls anyway! I made these this year for our ladies Christmas activity at church. Just a few days before my husband went into the hospital. Needless to say, this was one of the only desserts I made during the holiday season. It pales in comparison to my usual holiday baking.

These would be good for any party you're having! If you don't like German chocolate, change it up with any flavor cake mix and frosting. I've had cake balls a couple times and loved them. A couple years ago, a friend dropped some red velvet ones by our house for Christmas and I literally ate every.single. one. I know. Shame on me. The rest of the family got none! And I probably gained 10 pounds!

You can serve them in little mini muffin cups or try the cake pops by inserting a lollipop stick! So yum!

German Chocolate Cake Balls
1 box German Chocolate cake mix
ingredients to make cake
1 jar coconut-pecan frosting
white or chocolate almond bark

Bake cake according to package directions.Cool cake. Crumble up cooled cake in a large bowl. Mix in the jar of frosting and mix well. You shouldn't be able to see the frosting. Form mixture into walnut size balls and put on cookie sheet. (If you're doing cake pops, insert your lollipop sticks now) Put balls in freezer for about an hour. Melt almond bark according to package directions. Dip balls into almond bark. Coating completely. Cool on wax paper covered cookie sheet or jelly roll pan.

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