Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baking Tips & Tricks

Looks like it's another photo-less post today. So, sorry if you like pics, but I'm going to share some baking tips and tricks I learned at the King Arthur Flour baking demo. Refer to my previous post if you want to know more about that.

The demo guy, Frank, really knew what he was doing and he shared some things that I didn't know and that I'd like to use in my baking. I thought I'd share them! So here they are!

--When measuring flour, first, fluff it up with a fork or spoon because more than likely it has settled in the container. Then use the "sprinkle & sweep" method. That is, hold your measuring cup above your canister, scoop out flour with another scoop and sprinkle it into your measuring cup. Then use a spatula, knife,etc. to level it off. If you dip and then level you will more than likely be using more flour than your recipe calls for. Best way---use a kitchen scale!

--When your making bread, pie crusts, pastries,etc., the recipe usually says the dough needs to be a certain length. Well did you know that a standard size rolling pin barrel is 10 inches and one standard handle is 4 inches. So a standard rolling pin is about 18 inches. So no need to get out the ruler if you're using a rolling pin!

--What about doubling recipes? His rule was that if it is a tested or published recipe(KAF recipes) you can double it. However that does not include recipes that use yeast. You should make make the recipe as it says once and if you want more, just make it over again.

--Want a yummy homemade pie crust?Yeah, me too!Pat the dough out with the barrel of your rolling pin instead of rolling it.You want to pat it out(not whack it) or if you must roll it, only in one direction so you don't "confuse" the developing gluten in the dough. If you work your dough too long it will be tough. So work quickly.

These are just a few things I took notes on or remembered. Hope they help in your baking adventures!

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