Friday, September 26, 2008

A Delicious Treat ?

Nope. It's actually not a treat you can eat, but a treat for the bath. It's a Bath Sundae. I found this idea on Sugardoodle.Great site!(Click the link on the side bar)The young women liked this one a lot and so did I. It's so, so easy to make. I used my Dollar Tree finds again to make this a frugal craft. The shake glass and the bath poufs(2 for $1) came from DT. I just colored Epsom salts with a tiny bit of food coloring and filled the glass 3/4 full. You could use some essential oil to scent the salts, but I opted not to. Then I put the bath pouf on and topped it off with a strawberry bath bead, which came from Ulta beauty store. Those bath beads smelled, well, like yummy strawberries. I searched high and low for them and could not find them anywhere except Ulta. My daughter,Laci, thought this sundae looked good enough to eat!

A super easy craft and you can use the glass for a real sundae when this one's done.

Cute and fat free!

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Elizabeth said...

Hey Missy, Love your site and love your ideas. Look forward to visiting often. Hope you guys are well! Libby

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