Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Please Have A Seat

Today, I'm continuing the party theme with more details from my mom and sister's b'day celebration. We set her dining table and her bar with these perky little place settings. Although, when I look at the tabletop now, I wish I would've set a few little vases of daisies on it. Oh well. Maybe next time. They liked it, so that's what matters. I think having the table set is nice and inviting. Both of my nannies(grandmothers) were sitting at this table and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. They even played our purse game. So funny! I'll share that later in the week.

Now, a little tip! When setting your table, use a sheet of scrapbook paper for the place mat. It's a good option for parties.( At home we use the sad little plastic ones with Elmo and multiplication tables on them. )I used a textured card stock that was already cut with scallops. I think they were .79 each. Yeah! I like the pop of color it adds, too. There's so many possibilities using paper. Textured, solid, flowers, graphics, etc. Try it!
Some friends at the party were commenting and asking about the square plates. They came from Target. I like their party section! And they have several different colors of these plates to choose from. I think they add a nice touch.

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