Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning the kids were up bright and early, of course, to check out their stockings filled with surprises from Santa. Will and I could hear them in our room talking about all their goodies in excitement. I love that!

Laci opening one of her gifts which was a new little jewelry box and a heart necklace.

Ivy with her Cootie game. Who knew she would like it so much! She always wants to play games with us, but we just don't have many for her age. So now she has her very own game.

Trent is opening his Bop It! game. I have to say this game is addicting. He already made a high score of 100!

Laci is putting on her new knee socks which were tucked into one of her gifts. She wanted knee socks soooo bad, so when I found them at Target I had to get them. I kid you not, she screamed when she saw these! Big hit!

As always, we had a great Christmas morning and enjoyed spending it with our family and seeing the smiles on their faces.

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