Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Trip To The Fire Station

Earlier this week, Ivy and I got to visit our local fire station with some friends of ours. I was anxious to see how she would react to seeing these big fire trucks in person! She was a little reluctant at first, but warmed up to it.However, she was not having any part of putting on the boots and the big helmet, but a couple of the boys decided they would try it. The kids also got to get inside of the ladder truck and look around. We also saw all the ins and outs of the pumper truck. The firemen were nice enough to pull the ladder truck out of the garage and put the big ole ladder up. That thing was up there. I think one of the firemen said it would let out to 10 stories high! We got an extra treat as one of the firemen climbed the ladder to the top! OH,that made me so nervous! I didn't even know the man, but I was so nervous for him I could barely watch! He made it just fine.
The kids also got a coloring book, sticker and a fireman hat to take home. It was a fun trip!

Ivy sitting in the ladder truck!

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Jason and Wendy said...

Red, you are so funny!

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