Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Second Day of School 2011

I've taken a little break from blog land, but today I'm back with the kids.....umm....second day of school picture. In all the excitement of the first day of school, I forgot to take their picture yesterday. That's okay! The "newness" of the new school year hasn't worn off just yet!

Both of them reported great first days back! Laci enjoyed her new teacher in 3rd grade and Trent had a good day in 7th grade with all six of his classes! I'm looking forward to a productive school year in 2011-2012!

This is the "new shoe shot." Laci REALLY wanted me to take this. I guess so she could show off her new Nikes for school and her brother could flash his new Jordans. I sure hope these last the whole school year!

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