Friday, January 23, 2009

Game Time!

Yesterday, I shared my kids' love of board games with you.They're not the only ones who like to get their game on. So today it's mom and dad's turn! Will is definitely more into strategy games. Me, not so much. He is a certified computer geek,after all. Really, he is. He's a software developer, come on! And no, he doesn't mind if I refer to him as a geek. That's a term of endearment to him. He's proud of it and so am I. I love my geek!:) Anyway, back to the games. By far, his favorite of all time is Chess. It's not in the picture because I didn't know where the chess set was. Other faves include Risk, Fluxx and Munchkin. If you haven't heard of Fluxx, it's a card game where the rules constantly change. Pretty fun once you get going. Check it out.

Moving on to me. I am a party game kinda girl. Apples to Apples and Taboo are a couple of my faves, but I also enjoy games like Spoons, Scattergories and Outburst. Like I said before, I'm not so much into the strategy type, but I will play them. I'm just not very good at them. Probably the reason I don't care for them too much. It' just so fun to have everybody involved and interacting in the game, to me. These are a sure bet for a fun game night. I think it's time to call some friends and get the snacks ready!


Amy said...

Hey there, not sure who you are, but you left a comment on my blog. It looks like you are a friend of Jesse. cool. She was in our ward when we lived in Michigan. My kids are HUGE game lovers also.

Tricia said...

Oh, I'm going to have to check out Fluxx and Munchkin for my hubby. I'm always on the look out for new strategy games that he doesn't already have. He is also a huge strategy game lover! He LOVES Risk, Axis and Allies, Serinisima, Piratier, and Settlers of Catan. (But he usually ends up playing strategy games on the computer b/c I don't have 4 hours to sit down and play most of those above mentioned games with him)

I'm with you though, I'll play the stat. games but I enjoy the faster paced, party games instead. One of my favorites is the electronic version of Catchphrase. If you don't already own it, you should grab it the next time you're out. It's always a favorite b/c it requires no set up and can be played in small to huge groups. LOVE that game!

Sprgtime said...

Our newest favorite came is Quarto

Not sure if you'd like it, but we LOVE it! It's a logic game. :) Beats chess! It's 2-player and a unique part of the game is that you use the same pieces. Plus, you pick which piece your opponent must play at each turn. So in order for them to win, you have handed them the winning piece.

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