Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mom, Can We Play A Game?

Mom, can we play a game? It's a question I hear a lot at our house. The kids(and their parents) love a good game. We have game nights all the time. It's just so fun for us to sit down and spend time together this way. Mine and Will's family always played games and I'm glad our family does too.Usually, the amount of time we have determines the one we play. My kids like all sorts of games; Sorry, Clue, Apples to Apples, Zigity. I could go on and on. But I thought I'd share a few of their favorites. Check 'em out if you can. They're kid tested and approved!

Oh how we love Fancy Nancy! The girls, that is. Laci adores the books and the game now, too. She got the Fancy Nancy Big Easy game for Christmas from Nana and Grand dad and has been lovin' it! It has big, chunky pieces, a puzzle piece board and fun cling on stickers. So cute! You get to visit places from the books like The King's Crown, ice cream parlor and Nancy's bedroom to earn those little stickers. A Laci favorite. She can't wait for her b'day in May, when we celebrate Fancy Nancy style.

Fun, Star Wars trivia is.(Say that in your best Yoda voice) Yes! Star Wars Trivial Pursuit is Trent's favorite! Probably because he's so good at it.He won this game in about 30 mins. one day. Now, if you're not a SW's junkies like most of our family, then you might not like this one. I have to say it is fun to play with him. I think he's surprised when I get the questions right. He forgets I've only seen those movies like 100 times! Definitely a good choice for the SW fan in your house.

Gotta love Wig Out! A friend of mine introduced me to this game a few years ago. It's fast paced and fun! It won the Best Vacation Children's Product from Dr. Toy. We play this one over and over!( Our box is so tattered, I think it's time to store the cards in something else. ) Basically, it's just a deck of cards with silly looking faces on them and you make piles of matching cards. Everyone-at the same time. Well, my explanation of it is not the best, but the kids and I highly recommend it. Give it a try! Tomorrow, I'll share mine and my husband's faves. If you have some game recommendations, leave a comment to tell me about it. We're always looking for a good game.

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