Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Helping Hands

As I was getting out a cake mix last Wednesday, two little girls spotted it and were eager to help. Laci usually wants to help in the kitchen, especially if I'm baking, but her little buddy Althea was here and I thought it would be fun for them to help out together.
They poured in the oil and water while I cracked the eggs. Next they watched intently as it mixed in the mixer. Laci and Althea were very good at scraping down the bowl too. I poured the mix into the cake pans and let them put the pans in the oven. (Very carefully with hot pads) I think the best part for them came after the cake was in the oven. Licking the spoon and beater and scrapin' the bowl! They scraped it clean! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of their finished product. I had to rush off to church with it so the young women I teach could decorate it. I'm sure glad Laci and Althea provided some helping hands!

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