Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cool Mint Hot Chocolate

Before I get to the hot chocolate, I just have to follow up with my post from last Thursday and give some props to the Crimson Tide. If you didn't know or maybe you don't care, but they did win their 13th National Championship Thursday night. So, Roll Tide Roll!

Now, to the hot chocolate. We had a fun day, oh I mean weather day last Friday and the kids were home from school. The weather men seemed to think it would be icy or snowy here, but neither happened. Although, it was frigid outside. To warm up we made Cool Mint Hot Chocolate. It was really yummy with that hint of mint in it.

To make it, I simply used instant hot chocolate. I usually add one more scoop than it says on the package to make it really yummy. Now for the mint. I stirred in 2 Andes mints to the hot chocolate. You can use more if you like a stronger mint flavor. Then I topped it off with some whipped cream and stuck in another Andes mint for cuteness. Sip and enjoy!

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