Friday, January 22, 2010

Valentine Teacher Gift-- Germ Free

If you're looking for a cute, different and useful Valentine for a teacher, try this embellished bottle of Germ-X. Teachers are always in need of this, so I'm sure it will be well received and the fact that it's super cute won't hurt either.

I've seen this idea all over blog land so I don't know who to give the credit to, but again, it's not my idea. All you do to is start with a bottle of Germ-X or Purell.(I like the Germ-X better because the bottle is clear and the Purell has a green tint to it)Peel off the labels as shown below. You'll be left with the sticky label stuff.

Use some Goo Gone to wipe off all of the sticky. You can find this in the paint section at Wally World. It will be with the wall paper remover and things like that.

Then embellish with some cute Valentine stickers and tie on some ribbons. Ca-uute!
A nice, clean Valentine!!

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Katie said...

Very cute! I gave some to our teachers last Valentine's Day. It was kinda a last minute addition so I didn't have time to cuten them up. I gave them with the kleenex holders I showed in the Valentine Ideas post you commented on and some hot chocolate. If I'd had time to do this to the bottles it would've been the ultimate cute teacher's winter survival package.

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