Friday, May 28, 2010

Honors Day 2010

Tuesday was a busy day filled with Honors/Awards Days for Trent and Laci. They both did a great job in school this year. So now it's my time to brag on them a little.

Trent's was first up. He received an A-B Honor Roll certificate for having made honor roll the whole school year, he was recognized for being on the 5th grade robotics team and for his team placing 3rd in regional competition, an Accelerated Reader goal award and the one he was most proud of, top scorer in the 5th grade in Accelerated Reader points with 458 points and 94% correct. The child loves to read and I'm so glad he does. Oh, he also received a $25 cash prize along with that.Great job Trent!

I headed over to the elementary school right after Trent's program to see Laci's awards day and party. She received an A Honor Roll award for making A's the entire school year, and an Accelerated Reader Goal award. Her teacher also gave each student an award especially from her that she thought of that was individually for them. Laci was given the Miss Manners Award. Mrs. Heaton prefaced it by saying that this child is always nice to others, very polite, proper and acts like a lady. She also said that Laci could have an adult conversation with you. I have to say I'm so proud of her achievements in academics, but as her mom, the manners award made me feel very happy inside! Afterwards they enjoyed a picnic lunch put together by their teacher, and parents snacked on cake and finger foods. We also got to see the kids perform a cute song and dance they put together. Mrs. Heaton was so nice to personalize pillow cases for them, as well as a framed picture and fun slide show that they each received a copy of. Great Job, Lace!

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