Monday, May 17, 2010

Laci's Piano Recital

Laci has been taking piano lessons for 8 months now and she has learned and progressed a lot. On Friday night she had her first piano recital. Laci played three pieces: Jesus Loves Me, Magic Pony and State Fair. She did such a good job!! I so enjoyed watching her play. It's great to see her hard work and diligence played out in song.

All of the students played great. I think I could have sat there and listened to them through the night. It was great!! After the performances, her teacher gave out the awards to the students. Laci received 3 certificates, a special piano charm for bringing in her recorded tapes the most and a beginner's award trophy. She absolutely loved getting that trophy. It was her first one. She was super excited and when we got home she made a special spot for it. I hope she will continue to like playing the piano and loving music. It was fun to see her around the older students with more experience and how she just ate up everything they were playing. She watched and listened so intently.

She had the choice to curtsy or bow. Laci chose curtsy and her she is practicing before we left for the recital.

The Little Music Studio students (minus 2) with their studio certificates.

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