Monday, July 12, 2010

Blue Bell - We Came, We Saw, We Ate!

Do you recognize the cow on that building up there? Yep. That's the Blue Bell cow. When I see that picture I think of the the frozen goodness that is Blue Bell ice cream........and the exercise I will have to do to work it off.

A few weeks ago the kids and I along with my mother and grandmother traveled to Sylacauga, AL to take a tour of Blue Bell plant there. We got to see them making banana pudding ice cream, learned some interesting facts and ate some ice cream. Do you know what Blue Bell's #1 seller is? Yes, Homemade Vanilla. What about the #2 seller? Nope, it's not chocolate or strawberry. It's Cookies N' Cream. No one on our tour guessed that one. I was a bit surprised to hear that was #2, but after all it is a great flavor. Another BB fact for ya. They have freezers filled with pints and other treats in the break rooms. If you are an employee, you can have whatever you want,as much as you want,out of the freezers or even get a pint right off the floor where it's made. Cool....kind of. My hips would not like that!

Ivy sampled chocolate,Trent had butter pecan, Laci ate Southern Hospitality(vanilla ice cream, pecans, cherry swirl and pineapple pieces) and I had Southern Blackberry Cobbler(vanilla ice cream, blackberry swirl and pie crust pieces). So good!

Blue Bell Ice Cream Parlor

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