Friday, July 2, 2010

Candy Firecrackers and Fourth Fans

Check out these candy firecrackers and "fourth" fans! I think they are so sweet and festive. They're super easy, too! Both would make cute decorations, but those fans will come in handy, especially on a hot July day in Alabama. Kids will definitely like the firecrackers since it is candy, but these would also make fun party favors! Get the directions below.

To make candy firecrackers, I used packages of Rolo's candy, but Lifesavers would also work. Remove the wrapper, but not the gold foil wrapper. Cut decorative scrapbook paper the same size as the outer wrapper. Wrap the cut scrapbook paper around the Rolo's tightly and glue or use sticky strip. Now, to make it really look like a firecracker, cut about an inch off of a 4th of July garland and stick in the top. You've got a candy firecracker. Much safer and sweeter than the real thing.

Now on to the fans, which are so simple. I started out with a different concept for these, but just couldn't make it work. I stuck with this simplified version that actually works as a fan.
Just take a 12X12 sheet of decorative scrapbook paper and start folding pleats in it. You know, like you did in elementary school. When you've folded the length of the paper, take the two middle pieces, hold them together and staple together in 3 different spots. There's your fan! Enjoy!
Have a happy and safe holiday!!!

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