Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bathroom Drawers Are Messy No More

I gave my bathroom drawers an "organization makeover" recently, so thought I'd share. This is only a pic of one of our drawers, but I also made over my make up drawer, too. I just didn't get pics of that one. Trust me, both are waaaaaay better than they started out.
I used little white plastic baskets in various sizes to divide up and hold my things. They were 2 baskets for $1! So my makeover was quite cheap! *Like* Sorry, no before pics either. I just started cleaning and organizing one day and didn't even think about taking a before.

For my drawers, I took everything out and wiped out the insides of them. Next,I got rid of the old. If you don't use it, toss it! You know, that lip stick you haven't used in three years or the body spray that you never really liked. Then I arranged my little baskets and put all of my similar things together. For instance, in my makeup drawer my baskets are grouped: eyes,mouth, hair, lips & face,and lotion. I also have a few miscellaneous items in there. For the drawer above, I grouped all of our batteries in a basket, miscellaneous child proof things(we replace these frequently), grouped my Scentsy melts together and stored my hair dryer and flat iron nicely. It's so much nicer seeing an organized drawer with everything in its place. Makes me smile! Happy organizing!


Renee said...
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Renee said...

You have an enzo milano? Wow, you're running with the big dogs now! ;) AND you're wowing us with your organization skilz too... You rock!

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