Friday, March 11, 2011

DVD Storage

Just a quick storage tip to share with you today for DVD's. I bet you can guess what it is by the picture above. That is an old CD binder/wallet we had that was not being used by CD's, so I thought it would be great for our DVD's. We have been storing them like this for a while now, but before that two of the three drawers in our t.v. cabinet were being taken up by all of our DVDs in their cases. I wanted a different solution and this has been working out great for us. We just flip through to find the one we want. Best part, our t.v. cabinet drawers are freed up for other things rather than being overrun by DVDs. What can you do with all those DVD cases? You could make your own labels for them to use as gifts for homemade c.d.'s, as decorations for a movie party or you can do what we did and toss them in the trash! Ha! Ha! We don't have ours organized in the binder any particular way either, but you could do that as well. Have a great weekend!

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