Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Make Your Own Cake Pedestals

Today I want to share some of the cake pedestals that I made over the Christmas holidays. They are so easy to make. This has become one of my favorite crafts because they are so easy and take very little time and because...... well, I just like cake pedestals. They're so cute! All you need to make a pedestal is a plate and matching or coordinating bowl , as well as E6000 glue. This glue is some strong stuff, so make sure you use it in a well ventilated area, but do not use it outside in cold weather. It will not stick! Make sure the plate and bowl are clean and dry. Turn your plate and bowl over and pipe a line of the E6000 on bottom rim of the bowl and then center the bowl onto the back side of the plate. Press lightly. Let it sit for a while to dry. When it is dry you can leave it plain or tie on a ribbon as I did on the white one pictured above. You can change the ribbon for different occasions. How fun! I can't wait to make more. The possibilities are endless! They make a great gift, as well.

This is a pedestal I made for my cookie swap. It cost $2! I found the bowl and plate at Dollar Tree. It went perfectly with my red and white snowflake theme I had for the swap.


Sprgtime said...

What a great idea! It never even occurred to me that you could make a pedestal using a plate and bowl.

Leah said...

I so love this idea!

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