Monday, December 15, 2008

Rudolph With Your Nose So Bright

Check out these adorable rudolph pins I picked up this weekend at Christmas on the Coosa. It's an annual event we have here in our town. The downtown area is basically shut down so you can walk around to different vendors that have just about anything from crafts to leather goods to homemade candy. Their is a parade later in the day(which was the parade that would never end this year). The longest parade I've ever seen!!! We were all frozen after that. Then the day wrapped up with Santa water skiing into town on the Coosa River and a huge fireworks show. It's great for us because we just go down to our neighborhood park, which overlooks the river, and watch the fireworks. It was a fun day for our family!! Now back to the pins. I thought these would be perfect for Trent and Laci's teachers. They also look pretty simple to recreate. I'll store away this idea for next year.
Have a great day!!!

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