Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Simple Piece Of Iron

I have yet another ornament to show you today. I absolutely love this one. A friend of mine shared this idea with me and I thought it would be perfect for the ladies at church, so I've spent the last couple days getting these ready to give away tonight. The ornament is just a nail, well it's really a spike, that I tied ribbon onto to hang. How simple is that!!! It has this wonderful poem to go along with it that helps us remember why we celebrate Christmas, our Savior. The poem is meant to remind you of Jesus Christ when you see this "simple piece of iron" hanging on your tree. I just loved this.I think I'll frame mine and display it. In the chaos, rush and busyness that can come with the Christmas season, I think it's great to have reminders to help us focus on Christ, his birth and his love for us.

A Simple Piece Of Iron
'Twas a simple piece of iron.
So, the craftsman gave no thought,
To the nail laid before him
As his hands a manger wrought.
A simple piece of iron-
Such a worthless thing indeed.
But, it fastened a humble cradle
At Emmanuel's time of need.
'Twas a simple piece of iron,
A spike and nothing more.
So thought the Roman soldier,
As the condemned man's flesh it tore.
A simple piece of iron,
Forged with pain and suffering rife.
But, though the wicked mob sought death,
The Savior brought new life.
'Tis a simple piece of iron
That we give your family.
Consider its significance
As you hang it on your tree.
For like a piece of iron,
In their quest for worldly gain
Some perceive the Savior's life as
Insignificant and mundane.
May this simple piece of iron
Remind of what they fail to see-
That Christ not only died for men,
He lives to set us free!

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