Friday, February 6, 2009

We LOVE Family Night

We were spreading the love for our family night this week. We talked about different people we love, how to show and express our love and Christ's love for us. We also made it a point to talk about how we should show our love and appreciation for others not just on Valentine's day, but often. After that, all of us decorated purple and pink foam hearts with stickers, markers and ribbon. Trent was thrilled that I had some "boy" stickers like bikes, skate boards and space shuttles. The kids' hearts were very original and cute, but my favorite was my husband's. It was for me and it said..(get this)"My heart burns for you,"complete with flames on one side of the heart. LOL! Awwww. How sweet! Later on, I strung the hearts with some beads to make a Valentine garland which is hanging in our kitchen. Laci also mixed up some scrumptious brownies that we cut into heart shapes with a heart cookie cutter and spruced up with sprinkles, M&M's and powdered sugar hearts. A sweet ending to a fun family night!

This is what Ivy thought of the whole heart thing. She did watch everyone else decorate their hearts. She was ready for the treats!

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Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Sounds like you enjoyed a fun evening together as a family. I love that everyone got to make their own hearts...and what a fun husband to give you his special made heart. :)

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