Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cotton Candy Shirley Temple

Thirsty? How about a Cotton Candy Shirley Temple.

My kids got to order this cute little drink a couple weeks ago courtesy of their Nana & Grand dad when we were eating at O'Charley's restaurant. They thought these were just the greatest things ever. Can we say - SUGAR! I have to agree they are cute and taste pretty good, too. I decided to recreate it at home because it's soooo simple. However, this is not something I would make very often just now and again to surprise them. You know the whole sugar factor thing. Anyway, just pour up some sprite or 7-up and top it with a mound of cotton candy and stick in a straw. You're done! I think my kids liked eating the cotton candy off the top and stirring in just a little of the cotton candy. Try it and see what you think.

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Katie said...

Hey Missy! I have missed seeing you around but I guessed that with summer in full swing you were way busy. I was right on something, for once☺ Glad to hear you've been out and having fun, don't worry about not being by as much. Love seeing you of course, but you've GOT to squeeze in as many memories as possible! I am blog crazy and keeping up with mine because I view it as a diary and blogging helps me remember details I'd forget otherwise. But I too have had a hard time getting around to see everyone. I think fall and winter are just the prime blogging seasons. With so many of us being mommy bloggers, we have to be more mommy than blogger right now! Come by when you can!

BTW: I've never had a Shirley Temple but they were a big deal when my mom was growing up. A big treat, but can't say they've ever sounded that great to me. However, topped with cotton candy does sound good. I think my doctors wouldn't approve though, being diabetic and all.

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