Monday, July 27, 2009

Hair Bow Hangers- Super Easy

Today I thought I'd share a super easy and very useful craft with you,especially if you have girls.
You've probably seen these hair bow hangers or even made some for yourself. I thought I'd show those of you who haven't made one yet just how simple they are. They are great for holding all those bows and clips.

First, cut a length of wide ribbon to the length of your choice. I used a chocolate ribbon with polka dots on one side so we can flip it over if we want. Slide the ribbon through a binder ring or you can use a large key ring.

Fold over 1 to 2 inches of the ribbon on top and hot glue it . You're finished. How easy is that! You could add an embellishment on top if you wanted like a wooden flower , butterfly, etc.

I used my friend Tammy's idea of hanging it on the inside of my girls' closet with a command adhesive hook. I'm also planning to hang up a second one beside it. It's the perfect place for these. Laci loves that she can now see all of her bows and clips hung on this little hanger and easily make her selection. Now if I could just get Ivy to actually keep the bow in her hair longer than 10 minutes. I'll keep working on that one.

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