Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Vacation/Mini Family Reunion

A few weeks ago our family traveled to Louisville, KY for a summer vacation. Now, you might be asking 'Why Louisville? ' I know it's not exactly THE destination spot of the U.S. Our vacation spot was kind of a collaborative effort with two of William's sisters. One of them lives near Detroit, the other in Kansas City and then us down here in AL. Louisville was the perfect central location for all of us to meet and have a good time. We were thrilled to meet our new nephew, Dax, who just turned one and nieces Kiana and Madison whom we'd never met as well as Ramius and Rayla whom we hadn't seen in a very long time. All those cousins had a blast!

We realized after we got home, of course, that we didn't take very many pictures. I guess we were too busy having fun! We did get a few of the Louisville Zoo .

This was so cool. This orangutan was right up against the glass. It was huge! I've never seen one of those get that close before so I had to take a picture. The kids were lovin' it. Okay, the adults too.

We also enjoyed a trip to an Art Museum on the campus of the University of Louisville, go-kart riding on the longest track in the U.S. (That was so fun!),science museum and IMAX movie(for the boys), a family home evening, church, swimming, dinners out and in, and just spending time and getting to know each other better, which was probably the best part. I know William loved having time to catch up with his sisters and so did I. The kids, well they didn't skip a beat. It was like they'd always been together even though they hadn't. As for Louisville, it was great. I think KY is such a pretty place. We can't wait until we can get together again. I'll show you more of all these cousins tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey, great blog, Missie!
Just FYI my kids' names are spelled:
Ramius (good job on that one, lol) Rhayla Rose, Kyanna & Madisyn. I applaud your consistency though.

Lacey and Ivie are so cute. I love the pic Trent & Ramius.

Missy said...

Very funny, Candee. This seems like a Jessy and Candee team up.Oops! Couldn't remember if that was with a "y" or "ie". Just kidding! I'll keep those spellings in mind the next time I need to use them.

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