Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today I want to share a few pics of the kids on our vacation. As I said yesterday, they had such a good time playing with and getting to know their cousins better. One night last week Laci was whimpering in her bed so William asked her what was wrong and she said,"I miss my cousins." Awww. How sweet and sad , too. Our kids look forward to playing with them again.

Rayla, Laci and Kiana had a "slumber" party every night. They all slept in the same bed all bundled up. They were so cute.

Madison and Ivy weren't to be left out. They had their own little slumber party right next to the big girls' bed.

Those girls sure do stick together. Here they are enjoying a bite to eat after swimming.

Trent was so excited to see Ramius. Another boy for him to hang out and play with. He doesn't get that much being surrounded by girls. They were like best buds the whole time.

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