Monday, September 20, 2010

Marble Magnets

A fun craft to share with you today that I first tried my hand at years ago, marble magnets. I think these are so fun. You can personalize them to your own taste by using scrapbook papers or even pictures.

I made marble magnets recently at the middle school's after school class where I do arts & crafts with the kids. They loved making these. My own kids did, as well when we made them for our family night activity not too long ago. They really get into picking out their own papers to go on the marble. With the exception of my 3 yr. old, my kids were able to do this little craft by themselves. Well, I did trim up the paper with my Cutter Bee scissors which I do not let them use because they are so sharp. They turned out super cute and now we have magnets to use on the fridge and on the girls' magnet board(that is still not made).

To make marble magnets you will need a bag of the clear decorator marbles with a flat side.(I got mine at Dollar Tree) You will also need a hole punch (I used 1 1/4"), magnet buttons, Sobo glue(use in a well ventilated area),foam brush, and patterned scrapbook paper or small pictures(which I forgot to include in the picture).

First, punch out a circle from scrapbook paper you have selected. Next, with a foam brush, rub the glue on the printed side of the circle and stick it to the flat side of the marble. Be sure to rub out any air bubbles. Then, take a magnet and put just a dab of glue on it and attach to the flat side of the marble. Press down and let dry. You might have to trim up the paper if it is sticking out beyond the marble. Have fun!

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