Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Spring Break Has Come And Gone

Well, another spring break has come and gone. I do like spending time with the kids when they're out, but I'll be honest, I'm glad school is back in session. I'm pretty sure they are too.
We didn't go on any trips or anything, just hung out around here. Don't get me wrong. We did have fun together, but boredom did set in and Laci was sick with double ear infections for a few days. Poor little girl. After two shots, antibiotics and rest, she was feeling better by the middle of the week. So what DID we do? We played Wii and watched movies some, which I don't mind for a while, but I like to get them involved in other things too. So, we visited the park a few times, played in the back yard,took walks in our neighborhood and had a couple trips to Costco and one to Bass Pro. My family loves both of those stores. Yep! We just go for fun sometimes, not to really buy anything. I guess we're just weird like that. We also visited the Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Store, which we've never been to. I captured a few pictures of the kids there, but nowhere else. They enjoyed ice cream while I splurged with a triple chocolate cookie. It was very tasty! Overall, it was a pretty good spring break!

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PhotoMom said...

Those walks in the park and playing in the backyard sounds awesome! Actually anything with the word spring in it brings a big sigh. It's snowing here...AGAIN! We got 2 inches this morning and expect another 3-4 throughout the day. My little one looked outside this morning and said "The snow ruined everything". I feel her pain. :)

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