Friday, March 20, 2009

Honestly, Someone Thinks I'm Creative

Two, yes two, blog awards to tell you about today.I think these are so fun to get! First, Rhonda from Down Memory Lane actually gave me the Kreativ Blogger award a while ago and I’m just gettin’ around to posting about it. I do appreciate the award and am touched that you find my blog “Kreativ.” Thanks a bunch, Rhonda! Head on over and check out her super cool and cute blog.

So, I’m supposed to tell you 7 things that I love and then pass this on to 5 other bloggers. Here’s my list.(Probably a boring one.)

1. I love my family and good friends.

2. I love hot baths.

3. I love French vanilla hot cocoa.

4. I love baking.

5. I love to play board games.(party games)

6. I love the Gospel.

7. I love University of Alabama football.

I give the Kreativ blog award to:(I know the last two already have it, but their blogs are so creative, I wanted to give it again)

1.Jessica-The Pelkeys

2.Ashley-Ashley’s Adventures

3.Tanielle-The Polka Dot Daisy

4.Katie-Katie’s Nesting Spot

5. Heidi-Blue Eyed Blessings

Now, for the next award. It’s the Honest Scrap award. What? I said the HONEST SCRAP award! Heidi at Blue Eyed Blessings wants me to get honest with you! Thanks Heidi! I am an honest girl. Be sure to visit Heidi. She’s always got something crafty and neat goin’ on.

For this one, I am supposed to shard 10 honest things about myself. As stated before, I’m kinda boring, so don’t expect anything too interesting. I also pass this on to 5 others whose blog content I find brilliant in content and design.

Honesty is the best policy………. So here it goes:

1. I am a bit O.C.(obsessive compulsive) or “Monkish” as I call it. (From the t.v. show Monk)

I like things neat and in their place.

2. My husband and I were married after a lengthy 4 ½ months of dating. We’ve been married 11 years and going strong.

3. I cannot stand to be late. I attribute this to my dad who had us be like 30 minutes early to everything.

4. Baked scoops, medium Pace Picante and a glass of milk is a favorite nighttime snack for me.

5. I cannot cook rice. No, really, I can’t. It always turns out too hard or burnt.It’s something I’ve never mastered. Although, last year we finally got a rice cooker and now it’s smooth sailing with the rice.

6. My name is actually Melissa, but their’s only 3 people who call me that, my two grandmothers and one of my cousins.

7. I can’t sleep unless the covers on my bed are neat(look back at #1). My husband says that the bed basically has to be made while I’m sleeping in it. Isn’t he sooo funny!!(Say that with a little sarcasm)

8. I consider myself a pretty calm person, but those who know me best know that the “fire” does come out on occasion. “Fire” referring to being a red head.

9. I used to country swing dance a lot with my husband. In fact, he taught me. We haven’t been swing dancing in a long time. It’s so fun. I miss it.

10. I am a G.R.I. T.(Girl Raised In The South), but I DO NOT eat grits. Actually, I think they are quite nasty.

I give the Honest Scrap award to:

1.Rhonda-Down Memory Lane

2. Bethany-Graff Family

3. Hatchick

4. Jaime-Caddywumpus

5.Cinda-Nethercott Family


Katie said...

I am so excited, I've been wanting someone to give this one to me! I've seen it on other blogs, but it's not nice to beg someone to give it to you! Thanks!

Cinda Nethercott aka Mom said...

Thanks for enjoying my blog! I love yours as well!

Tanielle said...

Missy, thanks so much for the award!!! It is so fun to get them and I love passing them out as well! This blogging world is awesome!!

Thanks again, and happy first day of Spring!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Hi Missy! Thanks for the award...again. ;) You're so thoughtful to think of me! I loved your list of "honesty". Some great things I learned that I didn't know yet!

Come on over to my blog today before the Friday Freebie is gone. I'm giving a chance for someone to win something. It ends tonight (Saturday)!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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