Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday Fun!

On Saturday, I celebrated my 31st birthday. A while back I had told my sister and mom that all I wanted was for all of them to come down to our house and spend the day with us and then stay over that night. They gave me just what I wanted. My sister, her husband, my nephew, his best friend, another friend of theirs, my mom and my dad all got here about 9 a.m. Sat. morning. (They live about 2 hrs. from here.) They surprised me with all kinds of goodies. One, being the gorgeous cake in the above picture. Isn't is fab! I love it! They also brought a selection of huge cookies. So good. And wait, there's more. They brought the cutest little petit fors , too! It all came from Edgar's Bakery in Birmingham. It was all very sweet and delicious. You guys are the best!

We enjoyed a day together full of laughs and good times. We shopped a little and then had lunch at our house. Then everyone sang Happy Birthday to me and we cut that delish cake. Well, actually we cut the cake first. We just couldn't wait. Then, with some reminding from Laci, we opened the presents. Thanks to you guys for your gifts. I got some moo la to go out and get what I want. Woo! Hoo! Will and the kids gave me a new purse that was much needed and I love it. They also gave me a plane ticket to get out of town. Ha! Ha! Just kidding....kind of. It's a ticket to go and visit my good friend Tammy out in Utah. Can't wait. What a sweet husband I have! He will be off work to keep the kids while I go in April. You rock honey! Later that evening we headed off to The Olive Garden for dinner. A party of 12. I don't think they were ready for us. Everyone enjoyed their meal, me included. That night we played Electronic Catch Phrase for a looong time. It is so fun! We could not stop laughing. I've got to get this game. (It wasn't mine.) Then off to bed it was. You should have seen all the air mattresses. Their were people everywhere. It was great! I loved my birthday!

These are the sweet little petit fors that were so good!

Oh, I almost forgot, my sister's family also surprised me with these lovely flowers. They matched the cake.

Our entertainment for the evening...............presenting my nephew Kyle and his best friend Brandon. They seriously kept us laughing the whole time they were here. They're so funny, mate!(That's an inside joke, they will get it.) I actually wish I'd have taken more pictures of everyone that was here, but I was having such a good time, I just didn't think about it.


Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Missy, so glad you had a wonderful birthday!! What a great husband to buy you a plane ticket to see your friend. That is such a wonderful gift!!

Katie said...

So glad you had a great birthday! That cake is so pretty I love the bright colors. How fun to celebrate with your family, if that wasn't fun enough now you get to go visit your friend in April! What a great hubby! We went to the Olive Garden too, they are a good place to celebrate!

Mrs. L said...

Happy Happy Birthday! What a sweet family you have.

Rhonda said...

Happy belated birthday Missy! That cake and petit fors are adorable. I've been wanting to make some petit fors but too tempting for my diet!

Thanks for sharing your fun day!

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