Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Village Field Trip

Yesterday was Trent's field trip to American Village in Montevallo, AL and I actually got to go on this one. Yay! American Village is a historical village where they are taught about the American Revolution and government. The kids are taken through the village in different "acts" and get to take part in the acts. The various actors from the village dress in period clothing so that was pretty cool and it was very educational. I forget what this particular building above was called, but it is where they talked about the constitution then moved to a different room to learn some dances of that time from "George Washington's grand daughter."

The kids are getting some training on how to be a soldier to fight against the red coats from the Corporal here in the green. He was so funny! He taught them how to load their muskets ,march and fire them.Their muskets were broom sticks. They had to yell all the steps of loading the musket like tear(tearing off the paper with the gun powder in it), spit (spit out the paper), pour, click, bang. The kids had a lot of fun with this!

The church in the village.

I don't know what you call this thing, but Trent and some of the other kids thought they would try it out.

This is a bronze statue of George Washington. The two actors here explained the statue and the symbolism in it.

Trent and his friends enjoying some lunch.

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