Monday, February 22, 2010

Robotics Competition 2010

Trent's team with Server Bot

Last Thursday, Trent and I got to spend the day together at Auburn University Montgomery at the Central AL Technology Fair. Trent and his team were in the robotics-hardware competition for their Lego Mindstorms robot.(Lego Mindstorms is an after school club for the gifted education students who are chosen to be in it). They have been working on their robot for sometime after school on Tuesdays.They have to come up with a design, build it and then work on a program to make it actually work. They could finally show off their hard work. Trent's team got 3rd place in their category. Good work guys!!! It was so impressive to see 175 kids there from 3rd to 12th grade in different categories from programming, robotics, media and more.

This is Server Bot. His team's robot. Server Bot was kind of like a waiter. They had a small object they put on the tray part and the robot would move forward and run into a brick and then it turned around and the tray would go forward emptying the small object. Pretty neat! I don't remember anything like this when I was in school. Might have been fun.

We waited,and waited and waited some more at the competition. You had to wait on every group to get set up,wait on your group to be judged and wait on the awards ceremony . I know. A lot of waiting. I felt very non-productive there, but I got to spend the whole day with Trent so that was worth it. While the kids were waiting, their was a lot of gaming going on.I think every one of those kids brought some kind of portable game.

This is both fifth grade teams with their G.E. teacher and sponsor Mrs. Hurst.

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