Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chirp! Chirp! I Love My Cricut!

Before we get to the Cricut, just wanted to say that the kids' first day of school went well. They both said they had a good day and were ready to go back this morning. We are getting back into our routine and are about to get busier with dance, piano and soccer. Chauffeur time!

Now to that little machine up there, the Cricut Expression. I finally bought one about a month ago.I know I've said numerous times on this blog,"if I had my own Cricut," "when I get my Cricut," "you could cut this out on your Cricut."So, now I have one!! Yay! But after further inspection, I had to send it back to Provo Craft(they paid for that)because the size dial didn't work, which took a week. They sent a brand new one back to me which took another week. Everything works and it is great, but it was so frustrating to have projects waiting and not be able to use my machine. I already had vinyl, transfer paper and cute stuff to do! Can't a girl use her Cricut!

The first thing I cut using the Cricut were the kids' names and intials for their water bottles for school. I think they turned out cute and the kids love them! By the way, I get my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. I think they have good prices and they ship it pretty quick.

I also cut out monograms and tags for these plastic totes. I found the totes at Target dollar spot and thought they would be good to carry all those extra supplies like Kleenex, paper towels, hand soap etc. Hopefully more projects to share with you soon!!

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Kim said...

Trying not to covet!! Can't wait to hear about all the fun stuff you do with it!

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