Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cookies and Cream Cake

Last Saturday our birthday boy finished up his celebrations with my family that came down to help celebrate with him. He opened his gifts from them(lots of Legos and Star Wars.Two of his faves) and later we sang Happy Birthday. Then it was on to the cake and ice cream. I had asked Trent what kind of cake he would like to have and he said something with Oreo's, so I came up with what I call a "Cookies and Cream Cake." It's very simple really. I just made a devil's food cake mix, frosted it with vanilla frosting and then patted on some crushed mini Oreo's on the sides of the cake. I also made a little mound of Oreo's on top. However, I found out that you should wait to add the crushed Oreo's and mini ones on top until just before serving. They were soft because I had put them on the cake the night before. I covered it up in my cake platter, but they still got too soft. The cake still tasted good, though and Trent liked it!

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