Friday, August 13, 2010

The Deep Fried Snickers

That is a deep fried Snickers bar. Covered and smothered in powdered sugar. I have heard about deep fried candy bars, Oreo's, Twinkies,etc. for a long time, seen them on food network shows and heard that they were sold at the fair, but I had never tried one. That was until a few weeks ago when me, my mom, sister and grandmother went on an "all girl adventure" to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN. So when I saw that this little shop in Gatlinburg made these, I passed up my beloved funnel cake and got a deep fried Snickers instead.(Didn't care about all those calories. I was on a trip!!) I guess just to try it and see if it was all it was made out to be. Well, it wasn't. Not to me anyway. It was okay at best. I mean after all it is a candy bar that had been drenched in batter and put in a deep fryer. That just sounds wrong. Oh well. Anyway, it was super rich so I didn't (couldn't) eat all of it.It still had that Snickers, nougat/peanut taste, but something was just off. Maybe if I'd had a tall glass of milk. I think the Milky Way would have been a better choice. More gooey and caramel. Mmmm! So that is my review of a deep fried Snickers. I'm sure everyone out there was waiting for that! LOL!!!

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