Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hair Helper

A couple months ago my daughter, Laci, got a haircut. Not really a big deal I guess, but she's only had 3 in her whole little life. She told me she only wanted Tonya, which is my hairstylist and our friend from church, to cut it. She was so excited to get it cut and decided that she would donate her cut hair to Wigs for Kids after Tonya told her that her hair was long enough to donate. I explained to her that some kids lose their hair due to health conditions or when they are trying to get better from certain illnesses and Wigs for Kids takes the hair that is donated and makes wigs for them to wear. She thought it was a good thing and so do I. Good choice, Laci!

If you want to know more about this non-profit organization you can find it here. Their site tells you how to donate, how to cut a ponytail, how long it has to be and more.

After pic(at Bluebell Creamery)

Before pic

Ponytail to donate

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