Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paint and Party

On Saturday Laci celebrated her 8th birthday with an art party! All of her guests got to paint their own version of a picture my husband came up with based on things Laci wanted in it; a heart, peace sign, and a flower. We gave out watercolor sets with all the details on the back to invite her friends to her party!

The girls are ready to paint on their canvases. The backgrounds were already painted to save on time.

My husband cut out stencils of the heart, peace sign and flower. We just had the girls arrange them on the canvas however they liked them and then used a piece of chalk to trace around the stencils. Ready to paint!

They did have to put a couple coats on their images to cover up the background, but I think it turned out great! All the girls enjoyed painting and putting their own touches on their masterpieces. Thanks to my husband for taking care of this aspect of the party. They loved it!

The little artists with their creations. They all did a good job and made their paintings unique. Check out Ivy's on the end. I can't help but laugh. She put so much purple paint on that canvas, but she sure had fun with it ..........for a little while. Then she was onto other things. Come back tomorrow for party time!

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