Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Time To Dance

Saturday evening we attended Laci's first ever dance recital. It was a great program titled "A Time to Dance." Laci danced her little heart out! Really, she knew her routines well! She did such a good job and I have to say she looked so cute in her dance outfit! Her class performed three dances; two tap and one ballet. All of the Leap of Faith dance students did a great job and it was really fun to watch. Toward the middle of the year for dance, she wasn't sure that she really like it,but she knew that she had to stick it out the rest of the year because she couldn't quit. She was glad she did because she ended up loving it! Laci received a dance medal for her efforts in dance and three bouquets of flowers from us, her nana and grandad, and her aunt and uncle! She was so happy!

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