Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Piano Recital

Friday night our family got to enjoy Laci's spring piano recital. Laci played two duets with her teacher, Mrs. Little, which were Jesus Loves Me and Do Lord. Later in the program, she played Halloween Witch and Kartwheels. She did a great job on her pieces, as well as the other students. We enjoyed listening to all of them play.

Laci received certificates for Festival, Guild and a studio certificate. She got the bronze pin for Guild because she memorized and played two pieces. She received an excellent for her Festival pieces and superior for her theory. Sometimes she gets tired of practicing, but I can tell she does enjoy playing. I hope she will continue on her piano journey. She really does have a talent for music that we will continue to encourage. Great job Laci!

Playing a duet with Mrs. Little.

The students receiving their certificates.(My son,in the orange shirt, is helping to hand out the awards.)

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