Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teacher Gifts 2011

This past Thursday was my kids' last day of school and I sent them off with little tokens of our appreciation for their great teachers. Seriously,we were really pushing it to the last day to get these to them. I guess because I could never really settle on something I really wanted to give them that was useful and cost effective. We're talkin' four teachers! I had some cute ideas, but I wanted to give something they would really use. So, hopefully they will use the acrylic tumblers I personalized using my Cricut.

I used pink vinyl and the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge......again! I use that cartridge for so many things because I love the simplicity of it. I personalized the tumblers, which came from Wal-Mart, and then added black and pink polka dots. No, I'm not trying to spell a weird word called HARB. This is just my picture of all the tumblers together. Trent has three teachers and Laci has one. When you put them together you get this!

I put some Hershey's Hugs in a cello bag and tied them with a cute polka dot ribbon and put each bag down into the tumbler. The gift bags had cute tags that say, Thanks for teaching! --"Hugs" Trent & Laci. Trent said his teachers said,"ooooh" and "awwwww, it's so ca-ute, Trent." That's my son. Always giving the animated version. Both kids said their teachers gave them big hugs and big thank you's. : )

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