Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ahhhh...... Sleep

Most nights before Trent goes to sleep, he gets to have some reading time in his room. Usually we find him with his book propped up on his pillow and him laying on his stomach reading away until we tell him it's time to turn off the light and get to sleep. Trent especially has been reading every minute he can get lately. He's on the 4th Harry Potter book and has been really into them. In fact, he's already reached his Accelerated Reader goal for the year by reading and testing on those books. I think he gets the love of a good book from his dad, not from me. Anyway, the other night Will told him it was time for lights out, but when the light was still on about 5 minutes later he got a little curious. He went in to find Trent's handsome little face laying on his book fast asleep. I guess he was just too tired for Harry Potter that night.Sleep was much more important. We are so glad that he has a love for reading and hope that he always will.

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