Thursday, November 13, 2008

Say It With Style

These embellished letters are one of the crafts my sister and I were going to do when she was here a couple weeks ago, but we didn't get to them while she was here. So, I finished them up. They are so fun and easy to do! These are not for my daughter,Ivy, but for another teenage Ivy that we know. She likes pink and brown, so I think these will be just right for her. But, I think I might just make some for my girls as well.

Their are endless possibilities when it comes to embellished letters. So many things you can spell and then use for decor. How about THANKS for Fall or Thanksgiving, NOEL or JOY for Christmas, or just LOVE, FAMILY, or LAUGH.Monograms are hot these days, so why not do one letter for a monogram. Oh, I could go on and on. So fun!

This is how I made them:

*I picked out coordinating scrapbook paper and/or textured card stock.
*Then I picked out the embellishments I wanted to use. I used different coordinating ribbon and ric-rac, flowers, brads, flower clips, and stick on rhinestone flowers.
*Next, I traced my letters onto the scrapbook paper and cut out. My letters came from Wal-Mart's craft section.
* Then, I applied a thin layer of mod podge onto letters and then I applied the coordinating paper letter. Be sure to smooth out any air bubbles. You can also brush mod podge over the top of the letters and it will dry clear, but I didn't do that for these.
*After that, I put embellishments on to each letter.

(Wow! I said letter a lot )

The embellishments are really fun to use, but I would suggest not using too many on one letter or it will make your letter and/or word look really busy and kinda messy. However, I do suggest having fun with this craft so you can "say it with style."

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Adam & Jessica said...

I LOVE those letters! I am so going to have to do that! :)

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