Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Need Your Help!

Christmas is fast approaching, as I'm sure you know. So that means Christmas crafts and ornaments at school! Yesterday, Laci's teacher sent home a letter asking if anyone would like to come and do a Christmas craft or ornament, so I thought, sure, I'll do an ornament with the kids. I try my best to support Laci's teacher, Mrs. Ellis. She is so nice, gentle, soft spoken and she's great with the kids . Laci loves having her as a teacher and I think she's great, as well. Anyway, as I started to think about what type of ornament I could demonstrate to the class, my mind went totally blank. I've made simple ornaments before, but I can't think of anything. So, to those of you who actually read this blog, which I'm sure is few, I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm looking for simple ornament ideas for a kindergarten class. Nothing too hard or detailed. I want to hear your ideas. If you'd like to share an idea, please leave me a comment explaining the ornament, what I would need, all that good stuff.

Also, some of you that visit my blog have said you don't have a username and password, so you couldn't leave a comment. All you need to do is use your email address for your username and then your password for that account in the password box. Try it! Can't wait to hear your ideas.
I'll leave this post up for a couple of days. Send in those ideas!!!


Sprgtime said...

The ornaments I like making are cinnamon ones. You've probably done this before. If not or you need recipe, let me know.
Kids like cutting them out with the cookie cutters. I love the way they smell.

Missy said...

Great idea Jessie! I've made those before, but hadn't thought of them.

Tricia said...

My son's kinder class did these ADORABLE ornaments and they are so cute: snowmen handprints! Basically, you get the colored glass balls and then paint the child's hand white. Have the child place the ball in the palm of their hand (requires help!) and make a handprint on the glass ball. Does that make sense? I'm not really explaining it well! What you are left with is five finger prints to use paint pens on to decorate as snowmen...draw little carrot noses, scarfs, eyes and buttons. The teacher sent them home as a Christmas gift from the child with an adorable poem about it being much more than a snowman..something about handprints...oh, I wish I had my Christmas stuff out of the attic! I'll google it and get back with a link, I'm sure someone has done a blog post about them!

Tricia said... Looks like this is her only post, but exactly what I was talking about. She's got pics and directions.

Missy said...

Thanks Tricia! I've never seen those before. They are too cute. They look to be pretty easy to make, as well. Thanks for sending the link.
Awesome idea! I can't wait to give them a try! Thanks again.

Tricia said...

Glad I could help! If you google "snowman handprint" or something similar, a youtube video will also come up on how to make them. I plan on making them this year with both kids and giving them to the grandparents.

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